Dinner and Wedding Discussions


And… oddly enough, that made perfect, amazing sense and actually cleared Greg’s mind a bit. “Huh,” he said thoughtfully, taking a swig from his glass of water. “That… actually makes a whole fuck-load of sense. I never actually thought of it that way.” And a piece of ice he hadn’t known was in his chest melted. It was a relief because this way, if he didn’t get much from Mycroft, he didn’t feel that bad about it.

He grinned like a nut at Harry. “And you see, this is why I need you around.” He sighed. “For this and so many other things, really. But thank you, I think I really needed to get all that out. You gave me the perfect feedback, actually.”

Well that went really smoothly. It was actually a bit surprising that it clicked into place for him so fast. Not because she thought he was an idiot, nothing like that. Harry just assumed that the curiosity surrounding the situation would eat at him until he pried the information out of somebody.  Lestrade was a tenacious man. It’s usually how he got his job done. But apparently he knew when to accept that lines had been drawn, and that some things were probably better left alone. Maybe Mycroft would tell him something about all this, but if not… Well Harry was just glad she could ease his mind about it.

"Hey, it’s what I’m here for, right?"  She smiled widely at him, his own grin a bit catching. Harry just couldn’t not smile when Greg had that grin stuck all over his face. “Sherlock is your consulting detective, and I’m you consulting…um. Advice-giver-outer? It’s a working title.”

Dinner and Wedding Discussions


“Hmmm, yeah. I’m with you on that one. I’ll have to talk to Mycroft about it and he’s  not very happy right now. I was snooping in the attic and managed to find a bunch of pictures of both him and Sherlock from when they were younger to a few years ago. That was fine, and we all had some laughs.”

Greg sighed now. “Well, most of us. Sherlock just complained a bit and threatened to ruin our toaster and couches, but he came around. Somewhat.” He frowned. “Not the point. Point is that I found some pictures they weren’t familiar with. It came from their Dad’s personal album, I guess. And, well, at his mention, they both sort of… freaked out? Well, in the Holmes way I guess. So I, naturally, asked and they both agreed not to talk about it, that I shouldn’t concern myself with him.”

He was glad he had Harry to talk about this to. Before, he’d maybe have tried John. Maybe. But only because he was with Sherlock. It was relieving to have Harry to dump this on as well.

“They agreed, for the first time since I’ve known them, on something besides their mother. It was… odd. So I asked Mycroft and he wants to talk about it later, but now I’m sure I’ve gone and upset him. He doesn’t seem to want to talk about it, but I have to know what I’m marrying into. It won’t ever change my mind but… I don’t know. Do you have any theories as to what all the fuss is about?”

Harry ate a bit more while Greg explained the situation with the family photos. she had a hard time thinking of Sherlock or Mycroft as ever having been children. Of course they werechildren at one point, obviously. But the Holmes brothers both had a way about them that seemed to place them outside the circle of the norm. What kind of children were they? Tiny masterminds? ….She actually didn’t doubt that at all.

"Hm." Harry set down her fork and folded her hands together on the tabletop. The look she gave Lestrade was…complicated. "I don’t know either of them particularly well, you know. Mycroft even less-so than Sherlock. But I do know something about touchy family matters, and wanting to keep things…eh. Not secret, so much as private."  She chewed thoughtfully on her bottom lip, turning over what little she knew about the situation in her mind. It was a tricky subject, this. "I can understand both points of view, here.  You want to know everything you can about Mycroft. You’re marrying him, after all. But… I mean. There are some issues you shouldn’t press. If you’ve asked and he’s clammed up, it’s obviously a tender issue. We could probably sit here four hours trying to theorize why, but that’s only going to agitate things.”  She shrugged, obviously at a loss here. If it were her, she’d just leave it alone. But this was Lestrade. He wasn’t a secret-keeper, and he didn’t like secrets being kept from him. So she couldn’t really tell him to just leave well enough alone.

"I really don’t know, Greg. People just… have things they don’t talk about. Most people anyway. But that doesn’t mean you don’t know what you’re marrying into. You’re marrying Mycroft. And if Mycroft doesn’t think his weird shadowy past should be part of his life now, then really, it doesn’t need to be a part of yours either. Maybe he doesn’t want to dredge all that up. Maybe he’s looking for a clean start, Greg.”

Dinner and Wedding Discussions


Greg nodded looking truly relieved. Coming from her… well, it helped more than it usually did. “God I missed you,” he said suddenly and turned his hand over, giving hers a squeeze before letting go. “I could’ve used a pep talk how many times over the last few months? And all I had was Sherlock to talk to and he’s not very good at them. Mostly, he’s been drawing on walls and helping me with my Ripper copy-cat case, which if you want in on I’d be happy to extend my circle of helpers.”

He ate some more, and it really wasn’t that bad, and then said thoughtfully, “Yeah this’ll work out just fine. You know, just a few weeks ago I was thinking what you would do on a nice day out, so that maybe I could have a few ideas.” He shook his head. “Well, I’m just really chuffed that you’re back. Now I get help on all kinds of things.” Greg winked. “Should we start with who exactly we’re going to invite? My family’s a yes, definitely, and of course you, you’re brother and Sherlock. Irene I think should be extended an invitation.” And now Greg winked again, because he wondered if Irene would be as excited as he was that Harry was back. “Molly’s coming, of course. But… I don’t know who to ask at the Yard, if anyone. Although Donovan will murder me herself if she finds out I got married without telling her and Anderson… is just a prat. I don’t want him there, but I’ll let Donovan plus one him if she has too.”

He shrugged. “Besides that, there’s Mrs. Hudson and whoever Mycroft wants to invite over. There isn’t much family on his side so… Any ideas/revisions? Because I’m open to anything at this point.”

"Sorry I disappeared on you." Harry bit her lip and frowned. She hated leaving like that, but at the time it had been for the best. She just wished she could’ve left and stayed at the same time. But there wan’t much point in worrying about that. She was back now.  ”Really, I would’ve thought Sherlock gave very riveting pep-talks.”  Pure, amused sarcasm, obviously.  ”I mean, he’s just so keen on helping people with their relationship issues. I’m shocked you didn’t go to him about everything~”

Sherlock probably would have chased Greg off with a gun. The mental image had her laughing. “Ah~ You’ll just have to make due with my advice from now on. I’ve come back to relieve him of duty. He can get back to…what did you call it? A Ripper copycat?”  Harry shook her head.  ”That’s certainly more his territory. I’ll help if I can, but I think I’m better suited to weddings. You know, if I have to pick between the two.”

She poked her food around on her plate thoughtfully, before having a bite. It was very good. She guessed that this was the product of a more domestic lifestyle, because the Greg of a few months ago was not exactly the cooking type. “Guests, huh? I imagine your family will fill up a good amount of seats, and Mycroft seems like the kind of man who knows a lot of people. But I think you’re the only one in all this with about a boatload of relatives.”  Harry shrugged noncommittally.  ”I think the people you’ve listed sound fine. Yes to Irene. Or at least let her be my plus-one if nothing else. Aaaand… I don’t know?”

Not helpful, no. But Harry’s social circle was just as limited as John’s. She knew people who knew Sherlock, and only knew Sherlock because of her brother.

Dinner and Wedding Discussions


Greg turned off the stove shrugging at her wording of things. He piled food onto plates and set them down. He sits as well and shrugs again.

“My siblings are all married with kids. None of them live near us. My mother and sister are widows with kids. I’m the only one who is not of the particularly perfectly straight variety and I’m the only one divorced with no kids. I don’t see them as much as I can and… I don’t know. We’re all close but… I guess it’s a bit difficult, with my job and his and our lifestyle and such to just come out with it and say, ‘I am marrying again. A man this time, so.’ I mean, I don’t know.”

He fiddled around with his food for a moment. “I’m doing it though. Mycroft wants to invite them all to his estate somewhere out in the country. I just have to ask. I’m sure they’ll say yes, and it’ll be fine, but I’m gonna get hell for keeping him hidden for so long. I guess I just wanted to make sure he was the one, which he is, and that I could have him to myself for a while before my family came and stole him away.” He smiled now. “After all, with a sister, a mother and three younger brothers, plus their wives, plus nine nieces and nephews? That’s a lot for Mycroft to take in as well.”

"Don’t get me wrong, Greg. I understand why you haven’t told them yet. I really do. But I also know that keeping secrets isn’t your style. I know you’re going to tell them at some point…I just don’t want you to stress yourself out over it in the meantime. Not after you’ve gotten to a point in your life where you’re really happy. Don’t sabotage that with ‘should have’ and ‘what if’.”  God, she felt really corny talking like that. Usually she left the motivational speaking to…well, not her. But Greg looked like he needed it right about now.

Harry gingerly lifted Klein off her lap, setting him on the floor so he could run off and do…whatever it was that Kleins did. Then she reached over and took hold of Greg’s free hand, squeezing lightly and giving him a warm smile.  ”I think everything’s going to be fine. Your family loves you, and they’re going to love Mycroft, and no one’s going to ruin this for the two of you. Alright?

Dinner and Wedding Discussions


Greg rolled his eyes. “Please. The three of us together added in with the help of my sister and Mrs. Hudson, we can get this thing off the ground, I’d wager.” He made a face. It was just a stir-fry thing. He hoped he was doing it right.

“And we already have a pretty good idea of what we want for the cakes. The flavors have to be taken care of though. And the venue. And we need a date and…” Well a million other things. Greg just sighed. “Yeah. Like I said, we only made this official like, last week. So. We’ve still got some planning.” 

He cleared his throat uncomfortably now. “And I, you know, have to actually tell my family. About him. And me… Yeah, so….” Oh that was awkward, and a bad move on his part for not getting in touch with them all sooner.

"Well you certainly know enough people~ I’m sure we can make some semblance of a wedding.”  She winked as she said it. They both knew this was going to end up being an amazing wedding, despite whatever meager abilities Lestrade’s little ‘team’ would have. Even if he, and his sister, and Mrs. Hudson, and Harry, and whoever else he’d asked ended up falling short of what this wedding needed, Harry was sure Mycroft would provide the rest, somehow. That seemed to be his way. Not that she intended to just sit back and wait for him to do all the work, of course.

"I would think the first thing to do is make a bunch of lists. You know, all the stuff that needs to be done, what needs to be done professionally, and what the rest of use can handle, so on, so forth. Once you’ve got it down on paper, it might not seem like such an intimidating thing. But like you said- Ow!”  Harry paused to disentangle Klein’s paw from her hair. He had been batting at it since she stopped lavishing affection on him.

"-We’ve got a lot of time to work things out. Let’s not sweat it tonight, at least~"

She raised a brow at Greg’s little admission. it didn’t seem like him to keep something this big from his family. Granted, there were some families out there that didn’t view his lifestyle as ‘conventional’… but was his family really like that? It was hard to think that way about anyone related to Greg. “Well? So tell them.”  Yes, easier said than done. But he wasn’t exactly a teenager bringing home a boyfriend. And ‘just do it already!’ had been her advice when he was unsure about confessing to Mycroft. It would serve just fine now, too.  ”Listen, I know you. You get all torn up about things when you’ve got something important to say, and put off saying it. Being straightforward got you hooked up with Mycroft, didn’t it? There’s not much point in beating around the bush now.”

Dinner and Wedding Discussions


Greg laughed as he scrounged and found something acceptable. He started turning on the stove, getting things out and smiled.

“See?” he’s innocent. 

He started to fry something- or was it sauteing? - and then he cleared his throat. He had a favor to ask her.

“So… Harry I was wondering… Well, I have to plan a wedding and although Mycroft of course, is helping… I was wondering if you could lend a hand as well?” He gave a nervous chuckle. “Because knowing us, we’ll actually need it.”

"Well…"  Harry had eventually warmed up to Klein, scratching behind his ears while he kneaded happily on her leg. "Looks like there can be a truce between me and cats after all. One cat anyway. Leave it to you to raise the only feline in the world that I can get along with.”  She grinned down at the cat in her lap, still wary of his claws, but at least she wasn’t fleeing the room.

Harry blinked up at Greg when he asked about help with the wedding plans. She could handle doing the best-man thing, sure, but…  ”Really? I mean… Yeah, I’ll help! Of course. But..you know. I’m rubbish at making things look fancy, so I hope you’re hiring a wedding planner and leaving me to…I dunno. Mail out invitations. Because I am brilliant at putting mail in the post.” 

Welcome Back Harriet Watson!


Greg smiled in something close to relief and then nodded to the car doors. “Great. Awesome. Quite lovely. And now I’m starving and I want you to see the house and our cat. He’ll love you, let’s go.”

They exited the car and made their way to the front door, which Greg opened up. There was an umbrella stand right as you walked in and then it led into the main hall and the rooms on the first floor. They opened up mostly into each other, just doorways that opened up onto the room. Harry appreciated the place, nodding in approval. It made Greg feel so much better.

“Kleine!” he called, looking for the familiar grey ball of fur. “Kleine, someone’s here to see you. Where are you blasted cat?”

He rolled his eyes. “He’ll come out…eventually. He’s probably in my office or our bedroom. C’mon, let’s go to the kitchen; we can talk and such more comfortably in there. And I can find food.”

They made their way to the kitchen, which was very spacious and smelled like olive oil and the light wisps of garlic from when Mycroft had made dinner last week. Greg shed his coat, leaving it on the back of one of the kitchen table chairs, gesturing for Harry to do the same, and then he set about looking around the kitchen for something respectable to eat. It was true that living with Mycroft had meant that he had real food in the house; that didn’t mean he ate it all the time. But he was now, he had company.

“So,” he said, “what do you fancy for-“ He stopped mid-sentence, because there was Kleine, in the doorway to the kitchen, eyeing Harry up. “Hello Kleine.” He gestured to the cat, Harry turning in the chair she was in. “This is Harry. She is wonderful. Go be cute or something.” He turned to Harry. “I promise he won’t bite. He usually doesn’t to us.”

The house, obviously, was flat-out amazing. In fact, Harry didn’t think she’d ever been anywhere this nice before. Well, except that one night at Irene’s when they- Harry blushed furiously, and made sure her hair was covering her cheeks. Heaven’s sake, if the mere sight of luxury was going to put her brain straight into the gutter, she wouldn’t be able to visit Greg very often. How awkward.

She followed her friend around as he gave a mini-tour, the pair of them finally settling down in the kitchen. At Greg’s invitation, Harry tossed her coat over the back of a chair and sat down.  ”It really is gorgeous here. I can’t stop staring… And you know, you look quite the gentleman in this kind of setting~ I might have to start calling you Mr. Darcy if you get any fancier.”  Joking of course. Maybe.

Probably not.

And then, there was Klein, sizing her up. And Harry stared right back, a wary expression on her face. She really did like cats. Really. It was just that many of them didn’t like her back. Dogs loved her. Goldfish thrived under he care. But cats…?  ”Usually doesn’t bite?”  She stared at the cat even harder. Klein crossed the kitchen and stopped at Harry’s feet, sniffing her shoes. Harry tensed. And then Klein crouched, ready for attack! Harry cringed.

And Klein hopped into her lap, purring.

"….Oh. I thought he was going to kill me." She let out a heavy sigh of relief, hesitantly patting the cat on the head.  "Well…. his cuteness is certainly worth the heart attack. Aheheh… Good kitty." 

Welcome Back Harriet Watson!


Greg was not… expecting to be choked to death, honestly. But he endured it until she let him go and spoke those words to him, after which he promptly nodded and then burst out laughing.

“Jesus Harry, we haven’t even talked about roles. We’re just… doing it. As us, I guess. So that means that I get to do whatever I’m comfortable with and so does he. And,” and now he got really serious because he had been worried that Harry wouldn’t be around right when he needed her. “And I did want to ask you to be my best man if you were around. I was worried that you wouldn’t be. But you are. And I’m really glad and thankful about that. So.”

He fidgeted for a moment before he said, “Will you? Be my best man? Er- woman?” He shrugged. He had wanted to pick her from the start. If not her, then Sherlock who would deny him, but he was pretty sure Mycroft was ogling Sherlock for that role and he wasn’t as close to the other man as he was to Harry, no matter how long she’d been gone. So. 

He really wanted an answer, before they left the car. “Answer me that and then we can go inside and see if I can scrounge something up to eat, because I’m starving and you look like you could use a meal.”

She had only been joking about the flower girl quip. Well, half joking anyway. She couldn’t actually picture Greg OR Mycroft decking himself out to be the ‘bride’ in their relationship, but one could never be too sure. It didn’t really matter though. The whole thing was just great, and she was so, SO happy for Lestrade. He deserved this. He deserved it very much.

She hadn’t been around for the whole falling-in-love, move-in-together bits, but she could still tell how much better off Greg seemed. In fact, it was probably  because she had been away that she could see such a difference in him. There was no gradual change, too subtle to notice. It was obvious to her that Greg was a new man. He just seemed rejuvenated. No more worn-down detective inspector. Love was pretty awesome that way. (And it…probably didn’t hurt that Mycroft was very likely keeping Greg from spending all-nighters on a sagging couch, either.)

"Pfft. What are you even talking about?" Harry rolled her eyes and waved away the  seriousness of Greg’s question.  "You’re asking, as if I’m giving you some other option. Of course I’m going to be your best man. Or whatever. Your best…woman…person thing. Yes. Absolutely I will be, Greg. You know I will.”

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Greg felt his chest ache suddenly at the thought that Harry was going through some tough times. He understood that it must really be hard, but at the same time he was glad for her, fiercely glad that she was getting better, that she could actually do it. He didn’t doubt her, no far from it. He was just really proud that she finally understood she had the potential.

He smiled a bit and said, “Alright. Wait a minute, wait a minute.” 

And then he pulled up to the house. He stopped the car, pointed and laughed aloud at the look on her face as she looked to him and then the house. It was a gorgeous property, with a lot of trees and flowers. The house was traditional, large and yet quite gorgeous without being obnoxious, though Greg would admit, if living alone, he wouldn’t much care for it. But, he wasn’t living alone.

“I live there, yes,” he said before she could ask. “That five minute drive? That was our drive way. And I am, currently, living in this house with my - our - cat Kleine. And uh…” He blushed suddenly. This was Harry. He could tell her anything. “I moved in with Mycroft Holmes. Actually,” and now he felt his throat close up because if Harry didn’t approve of this next part, then nothing would feel right. “Actually, I’m glad yo came back when you did. You’re just in time.”

He held out his left hand bit his lip trying not to smile as her eyes widened a bit. “I’m glad you came back when you did, because just last week, Mycroft Holmes asked me to marry him.” Greg did smile now.

“And I said yes.”

"…." Harry had to take a moment to really appreciate the luxury and sheer size of the house they’d just pulled up in front of. It was, to put it mildly, a bloody impressive building. Her mouth might have been hanging over just a bit.   "Holy hell, Greg."  She gaped at him, before goggling at the house again.  "You’re living like the bloody king of England, aren’t you? Just WOW."

But the house, as it turned out, was not the only amazing thing of the day. when Greg told her that he was living with Mycroft, well… She’d kind of assumed that part alerady, since they had just been hooking up when last she talked to either of them. But when he showed her the ring he wore, like it was the holy grail wrapped around his finger?

"You’re getting married."  She said it stupidly at first. Harry heard the words and knew what they meant, and would have been excited… but she thought maybe he was joking. It was probably just a silly prank. Right?

It sunk in just a moment afterwards, and a slow grin spread over her face. Greg. Married. To Mycroft.

"You’re getting married! HAHA!” Harry pulled her friend into another chokehold hug, fit to squeeze the life out of him this time. She…was a lot stronger now that she was getting healthy.  ”Greg, you absolute dog! That’s amazing!”  She let him go almost as quickly as she’d grabbed him, taking hold of his shoulders and giving him a deadly serious look.  

"If you’re the husband, then I’m your best man. If you’re the wife, don’t you dare ask me to be the flower girl."

Welcome Back Harriet Watson!


Greg turned to look at her at a stop light, a but surprised. “No way! Congratulations, Harry. Honestly. I’m proud of you,” he said, bumping her shoulder with his as he took a turn and went through the exit that would take him home. they’d be there in five minutes tops and he still had yet to say anything to Harry about a lot of important things, but he’d get to that.


“God, good for you,” he said, taking another turn and from here it was just the trip up the long drive that he was still embarrassed about and wanted to add a bit of greenery to, but those plans could wait until after… well after…

Yeah. He wouldn’t think of it right now.

“How’s it going though? A bit difficult I imagine? No worries, we’ll keep you away from the alcohol in the house, yeah?” And now he cringed. House. He’d said house, how could he just slip up like that? Now she was going to ask. He took a deep breath as he made a small turn, waited for a squirrel to pass and then said, “Ok. Ask. I can see you squirming in your seat. You mind as well ask now.”

She beamed with pride, not about to play all modest about it. It had been a real bitch of a struggle, and Harry had very nearly given up on the whole thing several times. “Isn’t it great? God, I had forgotten that mornings without hangovers existed, hahaha~” Harry still didn’t look quite as healthy as she could have, but that would come later. She did feel better, and seeing Greg again made that a million times better.

"I do have those moments, you know. When I just want nothing but a glass of wine. But…eh. That’s turning into a level playing field, so it’s alright.  Now then."  Harry jabbed at Greg’s shoulder with one finger, poking at him like a pestering fishwife.  "You’ve said the words, ‘cat’, ‘we’, and ‘house’. Those are not words Greg Lestrade uses. Greg does not have pets, and does not live in a house, and certainly doesn’t live in a house with ‘we’. Spill it, detective! You’ve got a cat, let it out of the proverbial bag already!"